• HelenofTroy
    Ushering & Events
  • Rose of Sharon Foundation for Widows
  • Flourish Africa Conference, 2018
  • High school prom night
    Lagos Lagoon School
    Class of 2018
  • Aspires to be a Town planner,
    working professionally for the
    government or with a consulting firm.
  • Celebration of retiring members
    of the board of Trustees
    Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN)
  • Aspires to become
    a Lawyer and a Humanitarian.
  • Training to become a registered Nurse.
    Also wants to become an event planner.
  • Award Recipient. Most dedicated Usher 2016. Desires to be a philanthropist. preoccupied with the desire to leave a lasting smile on the face of everyone,particularly the less privileged.

We Provide Premium Ushering Services at Events.

So, whether it is an AGM, Product Lunch or Party, you can expect us to go the extra mile to engage and wow your guests.

Our Vision

To be widely recognised as an agency that promotes good morals, elegance and etiquette in models and is genuinely interested in developing and encouraging young ladies to maintain an academic path whilst they work as our ushers.

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Our Mission

1. Secure constant jobs for Helen of Troy ladies
2. Organize quarterly lectures for positive mentoring to encourage "HELEN OF TROY" ladies that it is possible to achieve their full potentials with Gods help, hard work and dedication.
3. Present award for academic excellence annually.
4. Present award for best behaved and most disciplined.

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Our Services

  • AGMs

  • Parties

  • Product Launches

  • Weddings


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About Helen of Troy

Daughter of a god, wife of a king and the epitome of feminine allure, Helen of Troy is reputed to be the most beautiful woman who ever walked the earth. She was the legendary beauty whose face launched a thousandships, a reference to the vast number of warships the Greeks sailed to Troy to retrieve Helen after she elopedfrom Greece with a visiting Trojan prince. Her divine origin and terrifying beauty made her the object of one ofthe most dramatic love stories of all time, leading to the decade-long Trojan War and making Helen of Troycentral to the early history of ancient Greece.

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