There is no gainsaying the fact that the right welcome at an event usually sets the tone for the enjoyment of the event..


Ushers are the first point of contact for the public at any event and they represent the organizers of the event. In essence they are public relations representatives for the organizer as many of the guests at the event come into direct contact only with them. It is thus essential that ushers are extroverted, friendly, have excellent customer service skills, and are able to handle responsibility with little supervision.









                   Attention and Assistance

Carefully planned situations are created to test our intending ushers on their attention skills. Often guests may be in such discomfiture that they are either too flustered or too embarrassed to ask for help. We test our ushers on their skill in spotting guests requiring attention and their abilities to prioritize their provision of assistance to guests who simultaneously ask for their assistance.

                         Beauty and Brains

Our ushers are selected to provide a ‘look’ that complements the overall ambience of the event. This means that at a fashion show, but for their outfits, one could mistake our ushers for models who are part of the show, while at a wedding they could easily be taken for family members conscripted for the role. Our ushers are always good-looking because we believe that nothing beats a beautiful young lady offering you help.

Except an intelligent beautiful young lady offering you help

Our focus at casting calls is finding that rare specimen: a beautiful young lady with brains to match. To this end we subject intending ushers to aptitude and intelligence quotient tests to ensure that our ushers are able to think on their feet and make well-reasoned decisions on the spur of the moment. It also ensures that when they meet up with that cultured guest who makes a cryptic request where propriety prevents him from speaking plainly, or the debonair chairman who cracks a cerebral joke, they will not find themselves clueless. Intelligence is one of our strongest points at Helen of Troy Ushers because we believe that absolutely nothing beats an intelligent beautiful young lady offering you her help.


A bright and energetic graduate of the University of Lagos and the University of London, Bukes (also known as Kes) was actively ushering throughout her five years in University of Lagos and was privy to the pervasive atmosphere of exploitation in which impressionable young ladies had to perform their ushering jobs. During this time, she garnered priceless experience and invaluable insights into how ushering should properly be done. These insights gave rise to the creation of Helen of Troy Ushers and her pursuit of perfection drives everyone she works with to very exacting standards.

She is extremely determined to positively impact upon the lives of young ladies who do not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and are being exploited by agencies and misled by men. She pours her heart and soul into ensuring these young ladies reach a point where they realize that they can succeed by dint of hard work and trust in God. Her passion for the development of the ushering industry in Nigeria has led her to pioneer the setup of the Association of Professional Ushers in Nigeria (APUN), and to convene “The Ushers Orbit’’, the foremost online community dedicated to showcase and promote event ushers, ushering agencies, and all stakeholders in the ushering industry.

Kes developed a very sophisticated worldview as she travelled extensively across the globe while studying at the renowned SOAS, University of London. She now holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from that grand institution. She is also a registered/professional Town Planner, and a NEBOSH certified HSE personnel. serving at a multinational company in Africa.

Bukes is highly organized and is renowned for her personalized service and impeccable attention to detail. As far as she is concerned, you should be a guest at your own event. She is an avid gadget lover with a consummate ability to leverage technology to make her work easier. She likes to read, watch movies and dance when the mood takes her. But she is happiest when you are satisfied that your special day is everything you hoped it would be.

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Why celebrate mediocrity when you can celebrate excellence. Why hype vain beauty when you can exalt the truly intelligent.
@saintdoris one of us, is an example to all young ladies… if she can work as an usher while studying biochemistry at the university of Lagos and still graduate with an enviable grade of 4.43 CGPA (distinction) then anyone of you ladies can do it. We have verified her certificate and transcript, it is authentic… no carry over, no sorting of lecturers; a completely clean academic record and of course “no runs girl history” … all she did was stay focused.
#Please #peopleofnigeria let us celebrate her. She deserves all kinds of praises, recognition, ambassadorship for her exemplary achievement so that other young ladies can take a cue from her and learn to embrace hard work.
In the midst of all the chaos and shameful happenings in this country, we are confident that all hope is not lost, we still have good heads who will one day lead this country to great heights. Whether we like it or not our youths, especially females are the future hence so we must invest in them and encourage excellence in every sector.


Helen of Troy was set up to help intelligent and focused ladies who desire excellence in academics and other forms of business but lack sufficient funding. Sourcing for ushering jobs for them is our way of contributing to their success by providing a medium to earn additional income for school expenses and running costs for their business.

We positively mentor these young ladies and encourage them to achieve their dreams

and aspirations without debasing themselves to get money from men when they can work hard to succeed. Successful and reputable entrepreneurs and executives would serve as mentors and guide them with tips for success.

Bukes Okukulabe

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